Private Jet flights jumped 6.9% in December

By Doug Gollan, January 15, 2020

TRAQPak said the strong end to the year will be followed up with a 5.8% gain in January

TRAQPak’s review of year over year flight activity (December 2019 vs. December 2018) indicates that December 2019 recorded an increase of 6.9%. It reverses 2018’s negative trend.

The results by operational category were all positive for the period, with Fractional activity posting the largest increase, up 11.5% from 2018.

Part 135 flight activity (which includes Jet Card flights) saw a 7.1% increase from December 2018, and Part 91 activity reported a rise of 5.5%.

Aircraft categories were also positive for the month. Midsize cabin private jets posted the largest yearly increase, up 8.9%.

Light jets recorded a rise of 7.6%, and large jets gained 7.2% for the year. Turboprop activity recorded a 4.3% yearly increase.

Key to the gains was a 22.9% jump in weekend flights, compared to just 4.6% during the week.

Year-Over-Year Flight Activity

  Part 91 Part 135 Fractional ALL
Turbo Prop 4.7% 4.5% -5.6% 4.3%
Light Jet 9.2% 3.5% 12.0% 7.6%
MidSize Jet 2.7% 10.3% 16.8% 8.9%
Large Jet 5.6% 12.5% -5.3% 7.2%
All Aircraft 5.5% 7.1% 11.5% 6.9%

December flights compared to November 2019

December business aviation flight activity posted an unexpected month over month increase to finish up 1.3% from November 2019.

Activity has historically declined by 7%, on average from November to December, the researcher said.

Results by operational category were mostly positive, for the month, with Part 135 flight activity posting the largest monthly increase, up 4.8%.

Fractional activity followed with an increase of 4.3%, while Part 91 activity slid 2.0%.

The aircraft categories were mostly positive for the month, with Large Jets posting the largest increase, up 5.4% from November. Midsize Jets followed with an increase of 3.6%, and Light Jets gained 1.2%. Turboprops recorded a monthly decline of 2.6%.

December 2019 vs. November 2019

  Part 91 Part 135 Fractional ALL
Turbo Prop -4.3% 0.2% -10.9% -2.6%
Light Jet -0.7% 1.6% 8.1% 1.2%
MidSize Jet -1.9% 10.1% 3.5% 3.6%
Large Jet 0.6% 10.5% 13.1% 5.4%
All Aircraft -2.0% 4.8% 4.3% 1.3%

Looking ahead TRAQPak analysts estimate there will be a 5.8% increase in overall flight activity year over year in January 2020.

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