Directional Aviation’s charter broker PrivateFly is providing suggest private jets and estimated pricing for those of you who want to head to Super LIV

Going to the Super Bowl is usually a group event, so charter broker PrivateFly has published estimated prices for larger private jets that seat up to 13 passengers.

PrivateFly has been making news with fixed city-pair pricing, but in this case, its prices are estimates to give you a bit of guidance.

How much does it cost to fly a private jet to the Super Bowl?

Bombardier Challenger 300
Interior Bombardier Challenger 300

Below are the estimated one-way starting prices:

  • NYC (TEB) to South Florida (OPF) from $26,000 on a Challenger 300 (8 seats)
  • LA (VNY) to South Florida (OPF) from $35,000 on a Challenger 601 (12 seats)
  • Houston (HOU) to South Florida (OPF) from $30,000 on a Gulfstream GIV (12 seats)

Private jet cost to Miami from Kansas City, San Francisco, Green Bay or Nashville

  • Kansas City Chiefs – MCI to OPF from $28,000 on a Citation Sovereign (9 seats)
  • San Francisco 49ers – OAK to OPF from $50,000 on a Global Express or Global 5000 (13 seats)
  • Green Bay Packers – GRB to OPF from $ 33,000 on a Gulfstream GIV (12 seats)
  • Tennessee Titans – BNA to OPF from $20,000 on a Learjet 60 (7 seats)

To make your trip to the game part of the festivities, PrivateFly is offering several options, including in-flight beer pong, special menus, and team spirit interiors.

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