PrivateFly expands City Pairs fixed pricing through the winter

By Doug Gollan, October 9, 2019

Private jet charter prices are 30% lower than average on-demand prices, the company says

Private aviation charter platform PrivateFly, a Directional Aviation company (think Sentient Jet, Flexjet, and Nextant Aerospace), has announced a new and extended list of discounted, fixed-price charter routes for the autumn and winter season.

Last Fall, it launched the fixed price concept between London and Geneva before expanding it for the summer season. City Pair flights accounted for over 20% of its European flights during the period. It also launched $29,000 one-way pricing between New York and San Francisco or Los Angeles, which also continues.

According to PrivateFly, its City Pairs exclusives are 30% lower than average on-demand prices on the same or an equivalent aircraft.

New route pairings for fall and winter from London include Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Barcelona – adding to existing destinations such as Paris, Geneva, and Nice.

Private jet charter
PrivateFly offers fixed price private jet charters between key cities in the US and Europe.

Prices start from €4,500 (£4,050) one-way between London and Paris on the 6-seat Nextant 400XTi, giving a per person price of £675 if six people fly together. According to Google Flights, typical one-way business class pricing ranges between £200-£450 on either Air France or British Airways. Of course, you save time both ends at the airport.

Longer-range pairings on the Embraer Legacy 600 include Marrakech and Moscow, and in addition to London, there are routes to and from Paris, Geneva, and Nice, including to Moscow from Nice, Geneva, and London. These prices are available for flights departing before 31 March 2020.

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, said: “As part of Directional Aviation’s OneSky family, access to the family fleet enables us to offer these kinds of exclusives, alongside the wider market.”

ROUTE PAIRING (one-way & in either direction)Nextant 400XTi (6 seats)Legacy 600 (13 seats)
London & Paris Le Bourget€4,500
London & Amsterdam€4,750
London & Geneva€6,000
On request
London & Zurich€6,000
London & Frankfurt€7,900
London & Barcelona€9,000
London & MarrakechN/A€33,500
London & MoscowN/A€37,000

He added, “Our initial range of City Pairs proved very popular with clients over the summer. Not only for the great price but for the certainty. On these routes, we can provide a guaranteed price upfront and take out some of the steps in the supply chain, which are usually required to confirm the quote. By committing to volumes, on routes that are operationally efficient, we can offer our City Pairs as a fixed, one-way price upfront, with no ferry fees.”

Embraer Legacy  600
The Embraer Legacy 600 includes seating for up to 13 people.

He said, “It’s a bit like Expedia comparing all places to stay in Paris, but at the same time offering an exclusive they have negotiated with a particular hotel. Ultimately these aircraft and routes won’t be right for everyone, but for clients who are a good fit – they won’t find better prices anywhere else.”

Nextant 400XTi
The Nextant 400XTi seats up to six people.

Earlier this year, the company said its most popular global destination was New York City followed by Washington D.C., Nice, London, Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Ibiza. For Europe, Nice led London followed by Paris, Ibiza, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Zurich, Florence, and Geneva.

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