Jet Linx, Forbes Travel Guide launch luxury hotel booking service

By Doug Gollan, February 21, 2020

The jet card and private jet management company last year tapped the hotel rating agency to provide service training

Last year Jet Linx Aviation signed up with Forbes Travel Guide in a partnership to enhance service.

The jet card and private management company enlisted the luxury hotel rating agency to conduct service training for its customer-facing employees, including pilots.

Now, Jet Linx is extending that partnership. Jet card customers and managed aircraft owners can soon book Forbes rated properties via its app and concierge team.

Forbes Travel Guide hotel owners, management and guests will have access to guaranteed private aviation solutions with Jet Linx flight.

“Our partnership with Forbes Travel Guide has enabled us to ensure an unrivaled standard of service excellence in private aviation and an incomparable benchmark for the industry,” said Jamie Walker, CEO of Jet Linx.

Jet Linx  JetLinx
Jet Linx has added Austin, Boston, Chicago, and New York to its network of locations across the U.S.

He added, “In launching The Jet Linx / Forbes Travel Guide Hotel Concierge Program, we will now offer our clients special benefits and privileges at the world’s finest hotels, and we look forward to welcoming the owners, management, and guests at participating star-rated and recommended hotels into the Jet Linx program.”

Jet Linx luxury hotel booking service

The program will launch in early April 2020. It will start with phone and email service and, thereafter, will also be accessible through the Jet Linx app, according to a press release.

Forbes Travel Guide rates over 1,600 hotels, spas and restaurants worldwide.

Jet Linx concierges will be trained and qualified in standards of service excellence by Forbes Travel Guide.

In 2019, Jet Linx became the only Five-Star trained and accredited private aviation company by Forbes Travel Guide.

All Jet Linx flight concierge personnel, private terminal staff, and flight crews have been certified by Forbes Travel Guide. The partners developed Jet Linx proprietary standards of service excellence, which were developed collaboratively.

Last year, Jet Linx added new locations in Austin, Boston, Chicago, and New York while expanding its presence in St. Louis, Nashville, and Houston.

It also added a partnership with Huffman Travel, a Virtuoso travel agency. Through Huffman, members get a wide variety of benefits, including upgrades and free breakfast, at over 1,000 luxury hotels, resorts, and spas.

Jet Linx said the Forbes deal will give members special room rates, room upgrades, and other complimentary privileges.

The spokesperson said hotels don’t have to be booked in conjunction with a Jet Linx flight.

Forbes Travel Guide has rated over 1,600 hotels, resorts, restaurants, and spas. It uses a scale of awarding five, four stars or recommended status.

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