Coronavirus Private Aviation Evacuation report released

By Doug Gollan, March 2, 2020

This new guide from Private Jet Card Comparisons helps readers find guaranteed access private aviation solutions they can buy now for short-notice evacuations and relocations

Private Jet Card Comparisons has published a special analysis for subscribers who want to plan now for future short-notice relocations and evacuations because of the Coronavirus.

“Coronavirus Emergency Evacuation Private Aviation Options Analysis” enables readers to identify programs that are best for short-notice relocation or evacuation needs. 

The guide outlines key attributes of membership programs subscribers can buy now for use in an emergency later. It covers in-depth key provider and program characteristics and policies that are critical for this type of usage.

Coronavirus evacuation options

In the past, with hurricanes and other natural disasters, jet card memberships have proven invaluable for users.

Key benefits include flying elderly relatives, business associates and employees, young children, critical work materials, and even pets.

Doug Gollan, editor-in-chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons, added, “Not all programs are ideal for these situations. Our guide helps readers buy now while they have time. They then have guaranteed access at fixed prices should the need for evacuation arise in the coming weeks and months.”

Additional to unrestricted access to all regular reports and information, subscribers receive an analysis of ideal emergency-use jet card options. 

Finding the right private jet program

Subscribers receive step-by-step instructions on how they can then identify programs by adding additional criteria specific based on their needs. For example, they can search the ability to transport pets or seating capacity of aircraft offered.

“By following our guide, subscribers can identify the programs that are right for their needs in this situation,” said Gollan.

Private Jet Card Comparisons will also provide custom analysis on request.

Preparing in advance for Coronavirus is key

“If airlines cut or reduce air service, a private aviation membership with guaranteed availability could be critical for employees to reach key customers and locations efficiently,” he said.

Gollan added, “Should Coronavirus concerns grow, programs offer a way to continue business or vacation plans without having employees or family members exposed to places with lots of people, like commercial airline terminals and airplanes,” Gollan said.

Subscription price remains the normal $250 for the year, and there are no added fees for personalized support. 

“While there are no sure things, and private aviation is impacted by government edicts, closures, and operational needs, history shows private aviation options are often a better alternative to commercial airlines or relocating via clogged highways,” Gollan said.

He noted, “Having a membership that provides guaranteed private aircraft access on short notice is something that should be considered. Now, is the best time to do the research and get prepared for Coronavirus.”

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