VistaJet unveils short-term private jet leases as Covid-19 Coronavirus response

By Doug Gollan, March 25, 2020

Leases start at just one-month instead of the typical 36 months for VistaJet’s Program, its version of a jet card

Many airlines have totally cut or drastically reduced international flights. VistaJet specializes in long-haul and intercontinental private jet flights

The high-end luxury private jet operator is also launching a humanitarian relief plan

VistaJet is launching Dynamic Jet Lease, a new short-term option providing guaranteed access.

Many airlines have been drastically cutting international flights, including grounding all international operations. In other cases, routes that previously had multiple daily nonstop flights are now served only a couple times per week.

VistaJet says the new program offers a short-term lease over one, two or three months. You get a dedicated aircraft and crew positioned at the nearest possible airport to you.

Private jet leases start at one month

In announcing the new private jet option, it says, “It is a unique monthly lease providing the highest flexibility whenever needed, and especially when quick decisions are required.”

VistaJet has launched short-term leases as a response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, providing a new option for private jet travel.

The way it works, you choose an aircraft type from the VistaJet fleet. The private jet operator will base that plane at your preferred airport with a dedicated crew.

Fixed monthly costs include up to 50 hours of usage per month. Additional hours can be purchased at a reduced rate.

VistaJet Vista Jet private jet fleet
VistaJet is making four different private jet types available for leases as short as one month.

According to its website, VistaJet is offering the Bombardier Global 6000, Challenger 850, Challenger 605, and Challenger 350 as part of its Dynamic Jet Lease options.

Capacity for the Challenger 850 and Global 6000 is up to 14 passengers. Its Challenger 605 is configured for 10 passengers, and the Challenger 350 holds up to eight passengers. The Global 6000 can fly up to 13 hours nonstop.

VistaJet says the short-term leases enable users to fly family and employees safely while providing more flexibility than on-demand charter.

A survey last week of subscribers to Private Jet Card Comparisons found 36% had scheduled extra trips due to Coronavirus. Respondents averaged 111 flight hours in 2019.

Relocating family members and travel to second homes were top reasons for traveling in the next 90 to 120 days. Attending critical business meetings also ranked highly.

Last week, Jet Linx unveiled a short-term three-month jet card membership option (compared to the normal 12 months).

VistaJet assists in Covid-19 Coronavirus relief efforts

Separately, VistaJet said it is in talks with medical organizations and regulators to help with transportation of key medical supplies.

Empty leg flights are being offered complimentary for flights to transport medical experts to necessary locations.

“Everyone at VistaJet continues to assess how we can better serve our customers and the greater global community during these difficult times,” said Thomas Flohr, the company’s founder and chairman.

He added, “Listening to expert advice, whether that be security, safety or medical, we are here to ensure that they are fully supported with their flying needs. This is an unusual time and one that we must all work together where possible to do whatever we can to help. We know we don’t normally offer repatriation flights or the transportation of medical equipment, but ultimately, we are a logistics company and we are here to help the global community as much as we can. We are in this fight together.”

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