Luxury Aircraft Solutions revamps Jet Card program

By Doug Gollan, April 10, 2020

The private jet charter broker has launched a no-deposit charter membership

Long Island, New York-based private jet charter broker Luxury Aircraft Solutions is addressing the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic with a completely revamped jet card program.

Under the banner Aviate, it has eliminated deposits and moved to a $299 per month membership fee.

“We look at the Aviate Jet Card program as an insurance policy for those who may not have previously considered flying private before but now find it to be a safer alternative for their families vs. commercial airlines,” CEO Daniel Hirschhorn tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

He adds, “Our product locks in low rates for the rest of the year during this uncertain time, without any significant financial commitment.”

Gone as well are fuel surcharges, and new all-inclusive hourly rates. Luxury Aircraft Solutions has also eliminated peak days and peak day surcharges.

Jet Card Pricing

Pay-as-you-go hourly rate is $3,899 for turboprops, $4,299 for light jets, $4,999 for midsize aircraft, $6,899 for super midsize, and $8,899 for large cabin private jets.

The lead time for booking remains just six hours. However, cancelations are now based on operator policy, something it will advise you at the time of booking. The service area is now the continental limited to the 48 U.S. states. Daily minimum moves to 120 minutes, including taxi time. Also gone are roundtrip discounts.

Hirschhorn says he is seeing first-time fliers who previously couldn’t justify the expense or private travel. He says Aviate will remain in place until the end of the year. At that point, the company will decide how to move forward.

Aviate is the new pay-as-you-go jet card from private jet charter broker Luxury Aircraft Solutions

“This is the best we can do now, with the best rates. Fuel is going to go back up. So we’ll take a look at everything as we get ready to move into 2021,” he says.

The new Aviate jet card membership is also being sold on its website. That site offers wholesale on-demand private jet charters pricing.

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