Business Insider highlights 9 top U.S. private jet destinations

By Doug Gollan, June 24, 2020

A survey of Flexjet, Jet Linx Aviation, Magellan Jets, Sentient Jet, and VistaJet found private jets will be traversing the country from sea-to-shining sea this summer

Where is the private jet set headed for the summer? A survey by Business Insider of five leading jet card providers found a wide variety of domestic hot spots.

Flexjet, Jet Linx Aviation, Magellan Jets, Sentient Jet, and VistaJet each shared insights into where their members are flying.

Probably not a surprise, mountains and beaches will be popular. Cities, not so much.

Colorado mountain communities topped the list. Where will the private jets be coming from? Sentient Jet said their customers are coming from Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona. VistaJet was even more specific, highlighting the Los Angeles to Aspen route.

Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cape Cod was second on the list powered by Floridians heading north.

By the same token, Magellan Jets said clients from Southern California are headed to South Florida. VistaJet said it’s filling its luxury all Bombardier fleet of private jets with folks headed from New York to Palm Beach.

Despite the growing reports of a Coronavirus redux in Texas and Georgia, Jet Linx said Houston, Dallas, and Austin are popular with its clients as is the Peach State.

Whether that holds up might be interesting. The jet card and jet management provider has been on the leading edge of health-hygiene treating both its private terminals and private jet fleet with BIOPROTECTUs.

Flexjet, which also treated its entire fleet with an anti-bacterial application, said Montana and Wyoming are both popular destinations, citing their proximity to U.S. National Parks.

Other destinations you will see private jet action go coast-to-coast, including Napa Valley, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

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