Rocco Forte Hotels, Roar Africa partner with VistaJet

By Doug Gollan, June 27, 2020

The luxury hotel group and luxury tour operator are partnering with the luxury private jet operator to offer preferred rates for their clients who need private jet access

While there are plenty of benefits of flying private jets and private jet travel can be a luxury, for the most part, private jets are utilitarian. Yes, they are nicely furnished and comfortable. However, cabins on most jets are far from lavish. And in fact, for the most part, there aren’t flight attendants, except for large-cabin jets. And catering is often sandwiches and fruit plates.

Of course, there are exceptions, and VistaJet is a notable one. While private jets may be a business tool, VistaJet’s fleet is kitted out more like a luxurious big city apartment.

Its designer uniform-clad crew exudes chic. For catering, you can request Michelin chefs. For inflight entertainment, pre-pandemic, VistaJet arranged live performers to host Alice in Wonderland tea parties to entertain your young scions. They even have a pet therapy program for cats and dogs who are fearful of flying.

VistaJet Luxury Partnerships

With that in mind, one can suppose that VistaJet was a natural partner selection for both Rocco Forte Hotels and Roar Africa. Both purveyors of luxury travel are known not only for high-touch service and personalization, but their emphasis on design and just being chic.

Rocco Forte’s hotels include locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Florence, Rome, Puglia, Sicily, St. Petersburg, Brussels, London, Edinburgh, Palermo, and Shanghai.

Its guests will receive preferred rates from VistaJet. While the aviation company doesn’t publish a rate card, typical charter prices range between $10,000 and $20,000 per hour.

Of course, VistaJet doesn’t mess with small jets. Its smallest aircraft is a super-midsize Bombardier Challenger 350 although the core of its fleet is ultra-long-haul private jets from the Canadian OEM’s Global Express family. Its newest addition, the Global 7500 was able to fly nonstop from Singapore to Phoenix, Arizona.

Likewise, for Roar Africa, clients can now access VistaJet for flights to and from their safaris and other high-end African experiences.

Last year VistaJet announced collaborations with top travel advisors and more recently it unveiled a customizable itinerary covering two weeks in Iceland priced from $250,000, not including flights.

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