Private jet management and jet card provider Jet Linx is targeting business travelers with a new program providing up to four aircraft per day

Omaha-based Jet Linx Aviation is targeting companies. A new jet card announced this morning allows members access to up to four aircraft on a single day at fixed rates.

The Enterprise Jet Card also brings for the first-time guaranteed WiFi. Connectivity is for midsize and larger aircraft and requires seven days’ notice.

Call-out is lower than existing cards. Fixed rates come when booking at least 24 hours in advance. Its Club and Executive memberships have a 48-hour window.

In addition to access to multiple same-day aircraft, Enterprise allows unlimited users within the company.

Last month Jet Linx bulked up its presence in New York. It acquired Meridien’s managed private jet fleet. A majority are based at Teterboro Airport, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

“As a trusted business partner both on the ground and in the air, Jet Linx acts as a strategy provider and a solutions finder to ensure businesses are able to achieve their objectives,” said Jamie Walker, President & CEO of Jet Linx in a press release.

He added, “Our new Enterprise Jet Card is designed to enhance business performance and growth while saving time and money – two of the most valuable resources for business executives.”

Pricing wasn’t disclosed, but the company said it is offering “flexible payment terms.”

Jet Linx has recently added private terminal bases in Austin, Boston, Chicago, and New York, plus a second location in St. Louis at SUS.

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