This Private Jet Flight Cost Calculator allows you to compare infinite jet card options in seconds

By Doug Gollan, October 11, 2020

In addition to safety, service standards, company history and reputation, price is a driving factor for many jet card buyers. Private Jet Card Comparisons allows subscribers to compare prices for their preferred flights in seconds

Jet cards make flying easy. However, figuring out how much your flight will cost is not as simple as looking at published hourly rates.

There are more than a half dozen small-print policy factors that can impact how much your jet card flight will end up costing.

These factors not only vary between providers but between programs from the same provider.

For example, the same provider with a 60-minute daily minimum on light jets might have a 150-minute minimum on a super-midsize jet.

The impact on what you pay can be huge.

For example, Company A has a 60-minute minimum on light jets and a $5,500 hourly rate. Company B advertises a $4,500 hourly rate but has a 120-minute minimum.

For a 120-minute flight, before considering other factors, Company A would charge $11,000 ($5,500 x 2 hours) versus $9,000 from Company B ($4,500 x 2 hours), a 22% premium.

Yet for a 60-minute flight, Company A would cost you $5,500 ($5,500 x 1 hour) compared to $9,000 from Company B ($4,500 x its 2-hour minimum). In this instance, the same flight on the same category aircraft with Company B would cost 82% more than Company A.

The internally developed Private Jet Card Comparisons QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING tool allows paid subscribers to compare their specific flights.

You simply enter estimated flight minutes for the flight you want to compare. Then enter the number of hours you expect to fly during the next 12 months. This amortizes membership fees into flight costs.

Instantly, you can compare over 500 different options from more than 50 providers and 250 programs.

Quick Compare Jet Card Flight Pricing

The pricing calculator factors in:

– Published hourly rate

– Daily minimums

– Taxi time charges, including whether they are included or additional to Daily minimums

– Federal Excise Tax

– Peak day surcharges

– Deicing fees, including the ability to compare programs that don’t include it by using the estimated additional charge on a per-flight basis

– Fuel surcharges

– Initiation fees

– Monthly and annual membership charges

Find the right private aviation solution fast

In addition to the flight pricing, subscribers can compare:

  • Specific companies from more than 50 providers
  • Providers you are considering side-by-side
  • Ownership structure and company size
  • Safety standards
  • Types of aircraft offered, seat guarantees
  • Upgrade and downgrade options
  • Published hourly rates
  • Service areas and destination surcharges
  • How trips are priced – estimated or actual flight time, mileage or dynamic pricing
  • Refund policy and escrow account options to protect your money
  • Peak days and peak day surcharges
  • Roundtrip and long-flight discounts
  • Lead time for bookings and cancelations
  • Segment and daily minimums
  • WiFi availability
  • Policies for bringing pets
  • The minimum age for unaccompanied minors
  • Lifestyle perks and related partnerships

Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only jet membership and solutions comparison website that does not sell subscriber contact information to jet companies or accept referral fees. Instead, we provide updated, unbiased, and comprehensive data while protecting subscriber privacy.

A 12-month subscription is $250.

Subscribers also have access to the JET CARD DECIDER service at no extra fee. Subscribers answer brief questions about their private jet travel needs. Private Jet Card Comparisons provides an expert custom analysis of specific providers and programs that fit their needs. Based on needs, we recommend on-demand charter or fractional and whole aircraft ownership if appropriate. A BEST PRIVATE JET CHARTER BROKERS GUIDE with 85 vetted brokers, including third-party consumer reviews ratings, is included.

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