Air Partner launches 5-hour jet card in Europe

By Doug Gollan, October 15, 2020

The diversified aviation services company and jet card broker is lowering the entry point to its fixed-rate, guaranteed availability offering with JetCard 5

Air Partner’s new JetCard 5 reinforces two key trends we keep seeing. More COVID-19 driven interest in private jet travel and jet cards becoming more and more accessible.

Air Partner said it is lowering the entry-level for its fixed-rate, guaranteed availability private jet membership program. Buy-in is now just five hours. It follows a 240% surge in interest for jet cards,

The industry’s traditional starting point had long been 25 hours. In the past year, there has been a proliferation of pay-as-you-go memberships and 10-hour offerings.

In a press release, Air Partner said, “The initiative is driven by the need for flexibility during the disruption from the coronavirus pandemic, as more flyers seek speed and flexibility for their traveling needs. JetCard 5 is the ideal safety net for those who want to future-proof their travel plans or those new to private flying.”

.’In this volatile environment, clients need the flexibility to change their flight plans, but also the security of knowing a flight will be available to them should they need one unexpectedly. In response to this increasing demand, Air Partner has launched JetCard 5, which effectively ensures that clients will have access to a flight with as little as 24 hours’ notice, with unprecedented flexibility and with a reduced financial commitment,’ says Air Partner’s managing director of charter Kevin Macnaughton.

Air Partner said jet card membership sales are up 50% year on year in the first half of 2020. Safety and flexibility are the primary drivers behind the trend, the company said.

The company said terms are the same as its existing jet cards. One reason to buy a jet card over on-demand charter beyond fixed rates and guaranteed availability is service recovery. For one-off charters, if your operator cancels, typically the customer has to pay any additional costs for the replacement aircraft. On the same day, that can entail a premium of as much as 100%.

The JetCard 5 offer starts at 29,375 EUR.

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