VistaJet says lifestyle partnerships can grow the private jet market

By Doug Gollan, December 7, 2020

VistaJet’s Matteo Atti says access for customers via partnerships with luxury travel agents, sports stars and cultural icons can expand the private aviation market

It’s not just about waiting for customers to call when they have a need to go someplace.

During a VBACE panel on industry trends, Matteo Atti, the executive vice president in charge of marketing and innovation at VistaJet, said there’s an opportunity to broaden how it serves current and potential customers.

The rebound aboard its fleet is coming from shorter flights within the U.S., Europe, and Asia mixed with ultra-long-haul flights. Segments over eight hours are up 44% year-over-year, he said.

Matti attributes longer flights to the difficulty of making intercontinental connections with decreased airline schedules and ever-changing border restrictions.

VistaJet Private World luxury experiences

The entry of new consumers with new needs has enabled VistaJet to rethink its positioning, he says.

The initial driver of its recently launched VistaJet Private World was “the urgency to protect an ecosystem that serves our customers.”

The goal was to simply enable clients to travel safely despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Atti says the ability to offer experiences provides clients personal fulfillment and business networking. He pointed to arranging private meetings with an artist or playing golf with a pro.

“I see collaboration really as a key driver to maintain the ecosystem. Before (it was viewed as) an indirect revenue maker where I could make a percentage off something I sell.”

The perk for customers getting this private access “is a driver for the entire industry.” VistaJet’s objective is “to serve the passions that move people to go around the world,” he told listeners.

“The way I see private aviation and the way I see the lifestyle of our customers all being tied together, we need each other. I need the best restaurants, the best hotels, the best opera houses, the best singers, the best museums.”

However, he doesn’t see VistaJet jumping into the broader luxury travel business.

“I don’t want to be a concierge service. I don’t want to be a travel agent. I selected the top 10 creative travel agents in the world to work with us to inspire our customers,” he told listeners.

He predicted, “What you will see more and more with VistaJet is increasing this incredible network of best in class brands, joining up to serve all the customers to the best of our abilities.”

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