Wheels Up's Firestone establishes aviation scholarship

By Doug Gollan, December 24, 2020

Co-founder of Wheels Up Justin Firestone has launched a scholarship at Arizona State University

Justin Firestone, a co-founder of Wheels Up, has established a scholarship at Arizona State University.

The Justin and Natalie Firestone Scholarship for Entrepreneurship in Aviation is designed to encourage students to pursue aviation careers.

“Justin has been a vital component of our aviation programs, even before giving this generous scholarship,” says Marc O’Brien, program chair and senior lecturer for the aviation programs at The Polytechnic School at ASU. “He brings his experience and knowledge into our classrooms, providing our students with an industry perspective and the motivation to break out of the mold and do something different.”

“If you can do something you love, you’re ahead of most people. I feel like I haven’t worked a day in my life. Natalie and I want to encourage an aviation student to never settle and to continue on their path because it is a very rewarding path to be on.” Firestone says.

Firestone was a senior executive at Marquis Jet partners before moving to Hong Kong, where he headed Asia Jet and later Hawker Beechcraft. He returned to the U.S., rejoining Kenny Dichter to launch Wheels Up in 2013.

He also serves as co-chair of United Way of Miami-Dade. He is a founding member of the National Aviation Hall of Fame and a board member of the Citizens Advisory Council for the Miami-Dade Police Department. He is also a member of The Wings Club, a membership organization of senior aviation executives.

Wheels Up has been a leader in Feeding America’s efforts to counter COVID-19 food need spikes. It launched Meals Up alongside NFL stars Russell Wilson and Tom Brady and other brand friends such as Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

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