Private Jet Services Groups rolls out jet card changes

By Doug Gollan, January 5, 2021

Private Jet Services Group (PJS Group) is making some small, but meaningful changes to its jet card membership

New Hampshire-based Private Jet Services Group has rolled out some small, but significant changes to its jet card membership program.

In terms of aircraft, the broker has done away with pre-and-post 2000 year age categories. All jet card member program aircraft are now guaranteed to be manufactured no earlier than 2000 or equipped with 2010 or newer cabin refurbishments.

Also, funds no longer expire. However, daily minimum flight time on light jets is now 120 minutes, up from 60 minutes.

“Our goal this year is to ensure anyone who flies with PJS has reassurance and flexibility amidst the unknowns of the world,” said Greg Raiff, CEO at Private Jet Services.

He added, “We want our clients to know that they can still travel without risk or hesitation. Our new private membership offering is our first step toward honoring this commitment.”

Besides offering a service area including the Caribbean and Mexico, PJS is one of a few providers with fixed one-way rates for flights to Europe. Its domestic program continues to have a 10-hour non-peak booking window, one of the shortest among jet card providers.

In a press release, the company said over the next year, it plans to provide more options to both individuals and large groups as demand for private travel increases. Before launching its jet card program, PJS focused on group charters, including sports teams, roadshows, live entertainment tours, and political campaigns.

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