The jet card broker has removed its 5% peak day surcharge for jet card customers

Jet card broker Outlier Jets has removed its 5% peak day surcharge for members.

“The Outlier goal is always to challenge how we approach our program, listen to our clients, and adapt,” CEO Michael Farley tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

The 2018 start-up saw 90% growth in 2020, according to Farley. He added, “I believe we have one of the most streamlined programs in the market and we stand by our product by offering refundability – unlike competitors.”

Last year, instead of taking the Federal Excise Tax out of its tax-inclusive pricing, it offered to donate the 7.5% tax to a charity. As a result, Outlier provided 300,000 meals for Feeding America, a commitment to the Boys and Girls Club of Florida’s Collier County, and other organizations. 

The Outlier jet card program offers two-tier options. There are fixed one-way rates across light, midsize, super-midsize, and large-cabin jets.

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