NetJets Europe says no impact from Brexit

By Doug Gollan, January 13, 2021

The world’s largest private jet operator said Brexit won’t impact its operations in Europe

While private aviation brokers and operators in Europe are to some degree scrambling now that Brexit has come to fruition, NetJets Europe says it was prepared, and there is no impact for its customers.

The UK’s separation from the EU means that EU registered aircraft can no longer fly domestic charter flights in Great Britain.

In reverse, there are now restrictions on British-registered private aircraft flying within the EU and EU nations.

While current COVID-19 related shutdowns are minimizing volume, there is now an extra level of paperwork. It also means more empty leg repositioning flights.

However, Carsten Michaelis, executive director of sales and marketing for NetJets Europe, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons it was ready.

Michaelis notes, “Anticipating potential changes, NetJets has proactively started about a year ago to set up a UK AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) and a UK operating license, which was granted by the U.K. CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) recently. With this, NetJets ensures to have a domestic travel solution within the UK for its (customers).”

He says NetJets has already moved over “a handful of aircraft sufficient to cover the type and amount of flying we have historically done within the UK.”

Additionally, NetJets has “the flexibility to move additional aircraft from one certificate to the other as needed.”

While flying is depressed at the moment, it means NetJets is well placed for when travel perks up.

“When flight demand will start picking up, this could mean that it will be more difficult for EU operators to secure solutions for their customers in the UK, for example, via sub-charter. The same applies to UK operators who cannot fly anymore within the EU,” Michaelis says.

In Europe, NetJets offers both fractional share ownership and jet cards.

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