Goodbye Delta Private Jets; It's now Wheels Up

By Doug Gollan, February 14, 2021

The transition from Delta Private Jets branding to Wheels Up appears to be more or less complete as the former’s website is now a redirect to its new owner

In December 2019, Wheels Up announced it was acquiring Delta Private Jets. The deal also made Delta Air Lines a significant minority shareholder.

While it closed in January 2020, over the past year Wheels Up has been making a gradual shift in branding and structure.

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In September, it combined the aircraft management arm of Delta Private Jets with Gama Aviation Signature, another acquisition, forming Wheels Up Aircraft Management.

During the Fall, Wheels Up allowed existing Delta Private Jets jet card customers to renew under the terms of their existing program. It did, however, end the Sky Access program. For $6,000 per year, you could fly an unlimited number of empty legs.

More recently, the iconography on the DPJ app switched to the Wheels Up logo.

Now, the Delta Private Jets website is simply a redirect to Wheels Up. A message reads, “Delta Private Jets now part of Wheels Up, you will be redirected to, where you will discover the most innovative private aviation solutions to fit your exact travel needs.”

Delta Private Jets website

The FAA’s latest update of Part 135 aircraft shows the former Delta Private Jets fleet is now Wheels Up Private Jets LLC.

It’s the same for the, while the Gama Aviation Signature and Mountain Aviation websites are still operating independently.

Of course, Wheels Up is already taking advantage of Mountain Air’s large fleet of super-midsize Citation Xs, rolling out capped rates for flights between the East Coast and Western U.S. and Mountain Region.

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