You can still fly a Learjet with these jet cards

By Doug Gollan, February 15, 2021

While Bombardier is ending production of the iconic Learjet, there are hundreds in the charter fleet, and these two companies offer the type in jet card format

Goodbye Learjet. Popularized by Frank Sinatra, James Brown, and Arnold Palmer, private jet’s popularity has been on the decline for more than a decade.

Other light jets like the Phenom 300, HondaJet, and Pilatus PC-24 have taken their place with more spacious cabins. Major fleet operators have lined up behind competitors.

Airshare, Flexjet, NetJets, and Nicholas Air all offer fractional and jet card programs for the Phenom 300. PlaneSense has added the PC-24 to its PC-12 fractional ownership program. Upstart Jet It is building its share program around the HA-420.

If you are a Learjet lover, don’t worry. Plenty of the type is available on the on-demand charter market. Just a call to your favorite broker will do.

Learjet jet cards

For those of you looking for a more consistent Learjet fix, there are only two current jet card options.

Northern Jet offers it via its Florida Advantage Card for flyers traveling between Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and the Sunshine State.

For those of you who want a Learjet for a wider variety of missions, OneFlight International has a literal buffet of Learjet options.

You pay $50,000 to buy 25 hours of flights. One-way rates and guaranteed availability means you only pay for occupied hours, and you can get your Learjet fix with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

OneFlight’s Learjet menu is extensive:

  • Learjet 31A at $3,609 per hour
  • Learjet 35A at $3,429 per hour
  • Learjet 40XR at $4,104 per hour
  • Learjet 45XR at $4,867 per hour
  • Learjet 55 at $4,722 per hour
  • Learjet 60 at $4,997 per hour
  • Learjet 60XR at $5,037 per hour
  • Learjet 70 at $4,549 per hour
  • Learjet 75 at $5,112 per hour

You can also check out our Learjet Guide here.

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