offers first flight free jet card promotion

By Doug Gollan, March 9, 2021

Jet card broker is offering up to two free flight hours with a first-flight free jet card promotion during March

New York-based jet card broker offers a first flight free when you buy at least 25 hours by the end of March. The free flight is good for up to two hours of flight time on your selected cabin size. offers light, midsize, super-midsize, and large cabin jet cards. doesn’t charge taxi time and recently added complimentary deicing, so possible savings of several thousand dollars per incidence. Like several programs, it hiked its daily minimums to 120 minutes across all cabin categories. However, as of March, the minimums have been dropped back to 90 minutes. Complimentary WiFi is not guaranteed, but a spokesperson says it available on about 85% of flights. The goal is to bring back the guarantee by the end of the year. jet card pricing

FET inclusive hourly rates are $5,520 on a light jet and $6,720 on a midsize jet. Super midsize jets are $7,920 per hour and $9,920 for large-cabin aircraft. The Caribbean is included in its primary service area, meaning one-way pricing and no repositioning charges.

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The free flight offer at two hours of flight time means a discount of 8%, which is a pretty good deal. We consider 2-4% as a standard most jet card buyers should negotiate in flight credits or bonus hours.

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