Golfing great Phil Mickelson scores with VistaJet

By Doug Gollan, March 29, 2021

Phil Mickelson is celebrating his transition from owning a private jet to flying with global luxury charter operator VistaJet

After winning 44 PGA tournaments, Phil Mickelson is celebrating his move to VistaJet. “The greatest decision I made after owning a plane for 20 years was selling it and going with VistaJet because it has reduced my stress levels exponentially,” the champion golfer tells Forbes.

Speaking to SportsMoney contributor Mike Dojc, Mickelson says he has been flying with the luxury charter operator for about 18 months.

“When (wife) Amy and I would travel to the mountains to go ski, I would need to know months in advance when I was going to go so that I could get a hangar. Otherwise, if the plane sits outside, things freeze, and there is a huge additional expense that always comes up,” Mickelson told Dojc.

“VistaJet, they handle that problem. We don’t have to tell them months in advance. We can tell them hours in advance, and they drop us off wherever we want to go and they deal with all the logistics,” he says.

Mickelson says he likes the personal touch, including stocking his favorite wines.

He also notes the efficiency of not owning his own jet. “Rather than having our plane fly back across country to pick her up and fly all the way back out, she just hops on a VistaJet flight, and we only pay for the hours that she was in the air,” Mickelson says.

According to Business Insider, Mickelson previously owned a Gulfstream GV.

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