Private Jet Card Comparisons adds Guide to Shared Private Jet Services

By Doug Gollan, March 31, 2021

Shared private jet flights you can purchase by-the-seat are now covered in a new guide exclusively for subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons

JetSmarter is gone, but the concept of sharing a private jet is finally taking off. By-the-seat and jet sharing private jet services are expanding as more consumers seek to avoid large airport terminals and big airplanes. A dozen providers now offer a network of by-the-seat and crowd-funding private jet services covering the U.S. and beyond. For the first time, Private Jet Card Comparisons has cataloged these services and options, giving subscribers an exclusive Guide to Shared Private Jet Services.

Popular routes for shared private jets and private jet service by the seat include between New York and South Florida and in California and the West. However, there are seasonal routes to Aspen and Los Cabos, in the Northeast to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Some options allow you to crowdsource flights anywhere in the world.

Providers in the guide offer seats starting under $100 with online booking similar to regular airline tickets. Others allow flyers to share entire private jets working out their own deals.

The common denominator with all providers is that they exclusively use private jet terminals and lounges. That means they skip the regular TSA security lines. Airport arrival for their flights as little as 15 minutes before departure.

Private Jets by the Seat

The Guide to Shared Private Jet Services gives users company history, ownership information, membership requirements, how it works, route network, pricing, scheduling information, aircraft types used, who operates the flights, the ground experience, airport arrival deadlines, pet policies, WiFi availability, refund policy, booking deadlines, and company websites.

The guide is available to Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers as an additional service to its Jet Card Comparisons, Quick Compare Flight Pricing Calculator, VIP Jet Card Decider service, and Guide to Charter Brokers.

Private Jet Card Comparisons now offers those interested in private travel a one-stop source identifying the best solutions for their needs. Options range from seats to full aircraft ownership.

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