Private Jet Card Comparisons adds PREMIUM CONTENT for private aviation buyers

PREMIUM CONTENT articles offer insights and data, saving readers thousands of dollars by helping them select the private aviation solution that best fits their needs.

By Doug Gollan, May 11, 2021

A better way to become an educated private jet consumer is here! I’m happy to announce Private Jet Card Comparisons has added PREMIUM CONTENT to our website offering. These articles are designed to save readers thousands of dollars by helping them identify which programs best match their unique flying needs.

While jet cards make flying easy, many buyers find out what they didn’t know or didn’t compare – the fine print about rules and policies – can cost lots of money.


PREMIUM CONTENT is thought leadership analysis that will make you a smarter consumer of private aviation services.

The first three articles each cover these specific types of topics:

From Westchester County to the Hamptons, Naples to Key West, St. Louis to the Lake of the Ozarks, San Jose to Napa, and more, a private jet can save hours of driving time. The right jet card can turn every weekend into a long weekend.

Last-minute cancelations can be expensive, wiping out savings you thought you had achieved. Who wants to lose $25,000 because your client cancels or you have a family emergency.

Peak day surcharges range up to 67%. If you can’t avoid them, it can be expensive.

Deicing charges can run thousands of dollars per incidence. These jet card providers include the deicing expenses in your contracted pricing.

Unique content for private aviation consumers

The unique content will be largely based on our regularly updated, proprietary database of over 60 jet card providers, which includes more than 40,000 data points. We will also cover topics such as when to buy a jet card versus charter or fractional ownership, charter booking apps, and jet-sharing options.

Expect four to six PREMIUM CONTENT articles per month. Best of all, paid subscribers are invited to suggest topics they would like to see covered.

What you get

PREMIUM CONTENT is offered to paid subscribers at no additional cost. A paid subscription remains $500 for 12 months and includes:

  • The exclusive QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING tool that factors in charges for deicing, taxi time, daily and segment minimums, peak day surcharges, fuel surcharges FET, and membership fees based on your annual flight hours.
  • VIP DECIDER CUSTOM ANALYSIS 2.0 service to help you decide which solutions and products make sense for you and which programs best fit your needs. 
  • Our BEST PRIVATE JET BROKERS GUIDE, including third-party ratings and certifications.
  • GUIDE TO SHARED PRIVATE JET SERVICES outlining providers of by-the-seat and crowdsourced private flights.
  • Access to me – your editor-in-chief – to answer your questions about private jet travel and the various options.

Private Jet Card Comparisons is proudly the only private aviation solutions website that does not sell subscriber contact information or accept referral fees from jet card providers. Instead, we offer unbiased data and analysis. Welcome to PREMIUM CONTENT. I hope you will subscribe!


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