AccorJets' website no longer working after Accor, Directional say there is no affiliation

By Doug Gollan, June 11, 2021

After a Private Jet Card Comparisons’ report that AccorJets was not connected to either Accor Hotels or Flexjet owner Directional Aviation despite claims in a press release, its website and marketing material, the website appears to be offline

It’s unsure of the objective for the owner of the AccorJets website. It was promoting a financial scheme to buy shares in private jets that would produce immediate returns. Ostensibly, it was offering charter flights on its claimed fleet of private jets. It said it was owned by the Accor group of hotels and part of Directional Aviation, owner of Flexjet and Sentient Jet. It liberally used images of Flexjet aircraft in its marketing materials.

Officials at both Accor and Directional never heard of the enterprise. And less than two weeks after AccorJets issued a press release touting its FlyEvolution offering, the website is apparently no longer working.

A spokesperson for Accor said“After consulting with our operations team, it looks like (AccorJets) is not a legitimate program, and it is not associated with Accor. Our legal team is currently investigating the matter.”

Accor Jets

A press release put out on a wire service May 31 even included a quote from the real CEO of Accor Hotels.

Since it was seeking investments in millions of dollars, it seems ambitious that potential clients wouldn’t uncover the false statements about its ownership. Either way, the website is offline, at least for now.

That said, it’s a good warning that buyers of private aviation solutions should be vigilant. In one fractional ownership operation, the principal was accused of filing aircraft registrations that omitted the shared owners. He allegedly then used those registrations to borrow against the value of the aircraft.

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