Sentient extends transatlantic fixed prices, expands fixed-rate area

By Doug Gollan, June 15, 2021

Jet card leader Sentient Jet is expanding its fixed rates on the other side of the Atlantic and extending its recently launched transatlantic rates to become permanent

Flight volume this summer is expected to exceed pre-pandemic summers by 30-50%

Sentient is offsetting CO2 for jet card member flights by 300%

Following the launch of its transatlantic fixed-rate program in May, Sentient Jet is extending that program permanently. It’s also adding Morocco, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg to the list of cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa where members can fly with one-way pricing.

“Sentient Jet’s continued international expansion and guaranteed pricing to international territories will offer our jet card owners a more seamless way to fly globally this summer as the world opens up and people look forward to reconnecting with friends and family,” said Andrew Collins, President and CEO of Sentient Jet.

Sentient is one of only a handful of U.S. jet card programs that offer both fixed pricing across the Atlantic as well as once you get to the other side of the pond.

European fixed-rates

Its one-way transatlantic rates include departures from New York, Chicago, and South Florida airports. Nonstop destinations include London, Frankfurt, Milan, and Paris. The fixed-rate pricing in Europe covers an extensive list of countries and cities. Pricing is co-rated with sister PrivateFly’s European jet card. However, Sentient adds super-midsize aircraft in addition to light, midsize, and large-cabin jets.

The lead time to book guaranteed rates is 72 hours. Hourly jet rates are: Lights at €5,900, mids at €7,950, super-mids at €9,600, and large at €11,700.

Sentient’s guaranteed international pricing includes mechanical recovery, and insurance debited from the flyer’s existing jet card account.

Parent OneSky Flight is becoming a significant player in European business aviation. It acquired broker PrivateFly in 2019, and last year Flexjet launched a full fractional ownership program. It owns two operators, FlairJet in the U.K. and Sirio in Italy. Earlier this year, it acquired London-based helicopter operator Halo Aviation. Earlier this month ordered 200 eVTOLs from Embraer-backed Eve. Half are earmarked for its U.K. operation. Plans are to create a door-to-door service bypassing traffic on the way to and from the airport.

Sentient projects 30%-to-50% growth in flight volume this summer

“We’re excited about the outlook for Sentient Jet for 2021, which is shaping up to be our busiest year on record. Our flight volume this summer is expected to exceed pre-pandemic summers by 30-50%, a trend we anticipate will continue into the fall as our jet card owners keep embracing private aviation as a utility to travel safely.”

In January, a survey of Private Jet Card Comparisons’ subscribers found 96% of flyers who started or restarted flying privately because of Covid-19 plan to continue post-pandemic. That includes 41% who say they will use private jets regularly. Existing private aviation users said they expect to increase private jet flying post-pandemic by a 38%-to-7% margin. Over half, 55%, say they would maintain a similar level of usage.

Sentient goes green with 300% CO2 offsets

Sentient also revealed since January 2021, every flight flown is both carbon and emissions neutral. Included are all aviation emissions, water vapor, aerosols, and nitrous oxide, which together account for two-thirds of emissions an aircraft produces when flying. The company said it is offsetting
all flights via sustainability solutions provider 4Air by 300% to account for other non-CO2 emissions. Flexjet and PrivateFly announced similar initiatives earlier this year.

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