VeriJet launches jet card; California service

By Doug Gollan, July 21, 2021

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet operator VeriJet is expanding to California and adding a jet card program, starting at $2,500 per hour

Florida-based VeriJet, which flew its first flight in October, is now expanding to California. It is also offering its first jet card. The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet operator officially opens for business in the Golden State with a static display at Hawthorne Airport this Friday. An event in Napa follows.

The California service area offering one-way pricing – no repositioning fees – is within 500 nautical miles of Santa Maria Airport (SMX). Its Florida one-way rate service area extends 600 nautical miles from Orlando International Airport (MCO).

VeriJet Cirrus SF50 cabin

Also new will be VeriJet’s first jet card offering. The company already offered a fixed-hourly rate of $3,000 with a 60-minute minimum. However, customers had to pay for flights on a trip-by-trip basis. With its jet card, they won’t have to worry about last-minute wires or credit card fees.

VeriJet jet card options

The new jet card program is as available. That means availability isn’t guaranteed. However, members get favorable booking and cancelation terms.

  • The Founders Card offers 100 hours for $250,000, plus FET. The minimum call-out is just two hours. The cancelation deadline is 24 hours. You need to use the funds in 24 months. It is limited to 100 memberships.
  • At 50 hours, the hourly rate is $2,800, so a $140,000 deposit. Minimum booking is 24 hours, and you can cancel without penalty up to 72 hours before your flight. The term is 18 months.
  • A $75,000 version gives 25 hours, a 72-hour call-out for booking, and a cancelation deadline of 120 hours. You need to use the funds in 12 months.

There are no peak days with all three levels, and there is no restriction on how far in advance you can book flights, says Richard Kane, founder and CEO. The program is non-refundable.

VeriJet also offers a seven-year lease option with guaranteed monthly payments and access to its growing fleet. Kane says much of its early growth is being fueled by customers buying aircraft and putting them into the fleet.

Cirrus SF50 VisionJet

The Vision Jet is a very light jet that retails for around $3 million. It has up to 28 different configurations for three to five passengers and the option of one or two pilots. The airplane has gained notoriety for having both the Cirrus-trademark emergency parachute and a state-of-the-art safe-return button. The latter enables passengers to land the plane with a touch of a button should a single pilot become incapacitated.

The aircraft doesn’t have a lavatory, but that speaks to the fact that its ideal mission is short flights. Its cruising speed is about 350 miles per hour. The cabin is roomy, with oversize windows, and is akin to riding in an SUV. Its flexible configuration can be changed during a stop and an FBO. By removing seats, you can add baggage capacity. That makes it ideal for skiing, fishing, and hunting trips, as well as business meetings where you need to bring products or presentations that can’t be checked or won’t fit in the overhead bin.

A marketing brochure pegs a flight from Santa Monica Airport to Las Vegas at 51 minutes. Founders Club members would pay $2,675, including FET. To San Francisco is timed at 70 minutes, while Aspen would run 142 minutes, according to VeriJet.

VeriJet VIP experiential trips

The company is also rolling out exclusive experiences for members of its top-tier Founders Card. The trips will include board members, including Erik Lindberg, grandson of Charles Lindberg. Itineraries feature U.S. National Parks, Northern Lights, and delivery flights to Europe. Kane, himself, holds seven world speed records.

To date, VeriJet has nine SF50s on certificate and 10 in the pipeline. Another eight are expected to join the fleet by the first quarter of 2022.

More information about its event schedule is available at

As of June, SEC filings show VeriJet raised $12.6 million. Plans call for expansion into the Northeast U.S. and to Europe. Kane also serves as Chairman and CTO of Coastal Aviation Technologies, a provider of scheduling optimization software for Part 135 charter operators.

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