Flexjet is launch customer for SAF fuel at Monterey Regional Airport

By Doug Gollan, August 4, 2021

With Monterey Car Week kicking off on Aug. 6, Flexjet will be the first customer of 4AIR accredited sustainable aviation fuel at Monterey Regional Airport

Private aviation sustainability services provider 4AIR is facilitating a sustainable aviation fuel offering at Monterey Regional Airport with FBO Del Monte Aviation and the Monterey Fuel Company LLC. Flexjet is the launch customer for the SAF initiative.

Sustainable fuel generates a net reduction in aircraft emissions that contribute to climate change. Flexjet will uplift only SAF for its aircraft taking on fuel at Monterey.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is a highly effective strategy for reducing aircraft emissions that contribute to climate change,” said Kennedy Ricci, 4AIR’s president. “The use of sustainable aviation fuel goes beyond offsetting emissions to bring in-sector reductions in the near term, which ultimately is the next phase for aviation sustainability. We congratulate Flexjet, as Monterey’s launch customer for SAF, for joining us in taking this significant step forward.”

Sustainable aviation fuel is a drop-in fuel that meets the same technical and safety requirements as standard jet fuel. Although SAF contains the same hydrocarbons as traditional petroleum-based jet fuel, the hydrocarbons come from more sustainable sources, such as used or waste cooking oils, animal fats, woody biomass, and municipal solid waste.

This results in a net reduction of emissions compared to petroleum-based jet fuel on a life cycle basis. To claim the reductions from the use of the fuel, appropriate documentation must be kept. It proves the chain of custody and tracks accurate emission reduction calculations.

Del Monte Aviation at the Monterey Regional Airport offers Avfuel’s Neste MY Sustainable Aviation FuelTM.

Now, 4AIR will facilitate user documentation for aircraft uplifting SAF at Monterey, beginning with Flexjet.

Since June 7, 2021, Flexjet has uplifted only SAF in Monterey. 4AIR will provide all documentation and sustainability accounting to prove the transfer of ownership and accurate emissions reductions calculations.

Private jets and Monterey Car Week

“As the aviation industry focuses on ways to reduce its impact on the environment, SAF will play a key role. More and more operators are committing to decrease the CO2 footprint of their flight operations through the use of SAF.” said Del Monte Aviation General Manager Matthew Wright. “Our collaboration with Avfuel and Neste on the supply side and 4AIR and Flexjet on the user side is truly game-changing in providing access to SAF.”

Emissions of all during Monterey Car Week will be offset by 4AIR and Del Monte Aviation. The FBO has secured over 24,000 additional gallons of 30%-blended SAF for private aircraft during Monterey Car Week. 4AIR will cover the premium cost of SAF over the cost of traditional jet fuel for operators.

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