FlyExclusive to add 200 jobs in North Carolina

By Doug Gollan, September 2, 2021

Fast-growing FlyExclusive is bringing an additional 200 permanent positions to its Kinston, North Carolina base the company announced yesterday

FlyExclusive, the fifth largest operator in our list of top 30 operators, measured by charter and fractional flight hours, is planning more growth.

As part of its ambitious fleet expansion, the Kinston, North Carolina-based private airline will add 200 new permanent positions. The investment is tabbed at $8 million. It follows a 2018 $10.5 million investment that is generating 145 jobs.

“We continue to be enthusiastic with the increasing footprint of FlyExclusive. Their investment and corporate partnership in our community play a vital role in the growth of Lenoir County and Eastern North Carolina,” says State Senator Jim Perry.

Private jet paint and interior refurbishments

New and future facilities include additional hangar space, a state-of-the-art electrostatic paint and coating facility, and an interior refurbishment workshop. There is a heavy emphasis on using suppliers from within North Carolina, although virtually all of the work is being done on-site, including hand-stitching seat covers.

The services are initially being used to refurbish and repaint the FlyExclusive fleet. Plans call for it to grow from the mid-70s to nearly 100 jets by year’s end.

Jim Segrave, the owner of parent LGM Enterprises, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons that the company will use NBAA in Las Vegas to begin marketing its services to third-party owners.

Over the past two years, FlyExclusive has assembled a team of industry veterans who have relocated to Kinston. They are pioneering new finishes and techniques that will dramatically cut the time aircraft are out of service. Improved cabin durability for fleet operators and owners who have their jets on a Part 135 certificate will provide higher customer satisfaction, say executives.

The shop’s work is already in use across a portion of the FlyExclusive fleet. Out are expensive and easy-to-scratch high-gloss finishes. New interiors offer a modern look with muted blues and grays to match the company brand. Bright white leather seats channel a Miami Beach penthouse vibe.

Segrave says FlyExclusive is on track to reach around $230 million in revenues this year with a target of $300 million next year.

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