Dumont Aviation increases jet card pricing

By Doug Gollan, October 28, 2021

Charter operator Dumont is the latest jet card provider to increase hourly rates

Dumont Aviation is increasing the hourly rates on its Santos jet card.

It joins dozens of other providers that have hiked hourly rates over the past several months.

Most notably, it’s still taking new members – something several other providers have stopped.

Still, there are around 40 providers still selling fixed or capped rate jet cards with guaranteed availability.

Dumont has five cabin categories in its jet card program.

Light jet rates are now $6,500 per hour, plus FET. Midsize rates go to $7,500, plus FET, while super mid hourly rates are now $8,500, plus tax.

Dumont has two large cabin categories. Its Falcon 2000 offering is $9,500 per month. Large cabin jets with an 11-seat guarantee are now $11,500 per hour.

The Santos card offers guaranteed WiFi across all categories. Dumont has a 120-minute minimum but includes the Caribbean and Mexico in its one-way service area.

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