PlaneSense takes delivery of 75th Pilatus PC-12

By Doug Gollan, November 15, 2021

Fractional share operator PlaneSense has taken delivery of its 75th Pilatus PC-12 turboprop 26 years after receiving its first of the Swiss-made single-engine turboprops in 1995

PlaneSense, Inc. recently took delivery of its 75th Pilatus PC-12. Its fleet of Swiss-made single-engine turboprops will reach 38 aircraft by the end of 2021. Six more were ordered for 2022.

Tail number N131AF is the 75th PC-12 received by PlaneSense, the biggest customer worldwide for the aircraft type.

It took delivery of its first PC-12 in 1995, serial number 120, the 20th of the type off the Pilatus assembly line. It was the launch of the operator’s fractional program.

“The Pilatus PC-12 has been the foundation of the PlaneSense program,” said George Antoniadis, President & CEO of the provider. “Its reliability, comfort, safety record, and versatility provide shareowners with the most intelligent solution for private travel at a responsible price point.”

“Congratulations to PlaneSense on this impressive milestone,” said Markus Bucher, CEO, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. “We have enjoyed being a part of the company’s continued growth and are honored that PlaneSense and its clients value the Pilatus PC-12 and its capabilities. We look forward to delivering many more PC-12s to PlaneSense for years to come.”

PlaneSense, Inc. manages all maintenance of its PC-12 fleet with state-of-the-art maintenance facilities in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Boulder City, Nevada.

Seventh-largest U.S. operator

The company is the seventh-largest operator in the U.S. ranked by fractional and charter fly hours, through June, according to data from Argus Traqpak.

The company has taken delivery of 75 PC-12s over the years. However, it is not currently still flying all those aircraft.

To keep the fleet young PlaneSense, Inc. sells aircraft out of the fleet after a period of time. The average age of the PC-12 fleet is currently 5.6 years.

The operator expanded its fractional program offering in 2018 with the delivery of the world’s first Pilatus PC-24 jet. The company now has six PC-24s in its fleet with one more expected in 2021. It will add three more PC-24 jets in 2022.

Last month PlaneSense added the Western U.S. to the primary service area of its PC-12 fractional program.

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