Jet Linx Aviation adds three Elevated Lifestyle partners

By Doug Gollan, January 27, 2022

Jet card and private jet management provider Jet Linx is bolstering its lifestyle partnerships

Jet Linx Aviation added three new partners to its Elevated Lifestyle VIP benefits program. They are available to jet card members and owners of private jets it manages.

On the seas, yacht charter broker Worldwide Boat provides access to the world’s most stunning destinations. It leverages “cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional and personalized service.” Jet Card clients are able to enjoy special discounts on base yacht charter rates.

Reset Telluride is a unique weeklong wellness retreat that guides individuals through the backcountry of the San Juan mountains. It is designed to deliver a complete physical and mental reset. Jet Linx customers receive a complimentary acclimation night.

Style Union Home offers collections of ceramic art refined by an eye for style. Jet Linx clients can receive an exclusive discount on all purchases made online or at their Los Angeles showroom. It includes tableware and decorative accessories to custom glazes blended by a legend in the ceramics business.

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