FAA revises Russia sanction rules on private jet charter flights

By Doug Gollan, March 12, 2022

After originally barring Russian citizens, including dual passport holders, from chartering private jets, the Federal Aviation Administration has updated the NOTAM

The Federal Aviation Administration has changed the rules regarding Russia sanctions related to chartering an aircraft.

The original NOTAM barred Russian passport holders from chartering a private jet, including dual citizens.

The revised notice limits the prohibition. New language designates a Russian person or entity identified by the International Trade Administration’s Consolidated Screening List.

The CSL is a list of parties for which the U.S. government restricts exports, reexports, or transfers of items.

“We’re pleased to see the FAA issue this revised NOTAM,” said Doug Carr, NBAA’s senior vice president for safety, security, sustainability, and international affairs.

He added, “Several on-demand charter operators contacted NBAA seeking clarity which we then conveyed to government officials. This clarity will greatly assist with compliance.”

Since implementing sanctions, one Russian-affiliated private jet was detained and fined in Canada. U.K. authorities impounded a private jet in London earlier this week in a second incident.

The country’s Transportation Minister moved to criminalize sanction breaches related to private jets.

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