Jet Aviation signs 'Clean skies for tomorrow' statement

By Doug Gollan, March 23, 2022

General Dynamics’ Jet Aviation, which offers a North American jet card, has joined the World Economic Forum’s 2030 Clean Skies ambition statment

Jet Aviation announced yesterday that it has signed the World Economic Forum’s 2030 Ambition Statement, ‘Clean Skies for Tomorrow.’

Clean strives to see SAF constitute 10% of the global fuel supply by 2030.

By signing the statement, Jet Aviation joins a community of some 100 stakeholders across the aviation value chain. The group is dedicated to supporting the transition to net-zero aviation, committing to 10% SAF by 2030.

“Jet Aviation believes collaboration is one of the best ways to bring innovative solutions to life and we are delighted to partner with WEF and other industry stakeholders to help increase the global supply of sustainable aviation fuel,” said David Paddock, president Jet Aviation.

He added, “SAF has strong potential to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, and increasing its availability helps bring us one step closer to making it the standard fuel for Business Aviation.”

Sustainable Aviation Fuel leadership

Jet Aviation was the first supplier to offer a blended SAF fuel option at Van Nuys Airport in 2019.

In collaboration with Neste and Zurich Airport, the company imported a limited supply of SAF for WEF 2020. It was a pilot project for customer receptivity. It was the first time SAF had been made available for purchase in Switzerland.

Last year, Jet Aviation signed an agreement with Neste, the world’s leading producer of SAF. It secures Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel on-site at its FBO in Amsterdam.

It also entered into an agreement with SkyNRG. Customers can buy universally through a Book and Claim service.

“We are wholly committed to enabling sustainable outcomes for our businesses, the communities we serve, and our employees,” said Paddock. “We will continue to collaborate with partners around the world to foster solutions for a clean environment and we look forward to working with WEF and the industry to support Clean Skies for Tomorrow, and ultimately a carbon-neutral future.”

Parent General Dynamics also owns private jet OME Gulfstream Aerospace.

Jet Aviation’s jet card program offers up to 40% off qualifying roundtrip flights.

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