These jet cards have call-outs of 24 hours or less

By Doug Gollan, April 14, 2022

For private jet flyers who need to fly on short notice, these jet cards guarantee availability at standard fixed rates with as little as 24 hours’ notice

The number of jet card providers with a non-peak lead time of 24 hours or less dropped to 10 from 34

With demand staying at record levels and continued supply chain issues, jet card providers have been lengthening the lead time required to book private jets. For those of you who need to fly on short notice, these companies still have non-peak call-outs of 24 hours or less.

There used to be a number of programs that would let you book a private jet with fixed rates and guaranteed availability at 14 hours or less.

In fact, at the beginning of 2021, according to Private Jet Card Comparisons, 17 providers had programs with non-peak call-outs of 14 hours or less. Now, there is just one.

An additional 17 providers were at 24 hours, meaning there were 34 North American jet card providers at the window. Today, that’s down to 10.

The average lead time to book fixed or capped hourly rates increased to 62.2 hours, up 11% from the end of 2021.

If you need to go on quickly, with guaranteed availability and fixed rates without a premium, JetSet Group offers 12 hours’ non-peak lead time for bookings.

Another boutique provider, Amalfi Jets is at 18 hours.

Air Charter Service, Alliance Aviation, Jet Token, NetJets, Nicholas Air, Northern Jet Management, Sentient Jet, and VistaJet all offer guaranteed jets with 24 hours of notice.

Jet Cards With Call-Outs of 24 Hours or Less

ProviderProgramNon-Peak Call-Out
JetSet GroupPremium12 hours
JetSet GroupDiamond12 hours
Amalfi JetsAmalfi One Jet Card18 hours
Air Charter ServicePlatinum 24 hours
Alliance AviationJet Card Membership24 hours
Jet TokenMembership24 hours
NetJetsNetJets Card24 hours
Nicholas AirRise Card24 hours
Nicholas AirBlue Card (except 15 hours)24 hours
Northern Jet ManagementFlorida Private Advantage Card24 hours
Sentient JetSJ25; SJ25+24 hours
VistaJetProgram24 hours
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons; Programs with Guaranteed Availability and Fixed Rates – No Premium for 24 hours call-out

Honorable mentions are FlyExclusive and Jet Linx, with bookings at 24 hours, however, with premiums.

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