Nicholas Air: Founded in 1997 as an aviation company focusing on aircraft management and leasing, Nicholas Air soon expanded into fractional ownership, lease shares and jet card programs. The company was founded by aviation veteran Nicholas Correnti, and is based in Columbus, Mississippi.

Nicholas Air Elevator Pitch 

For Elevator Pitch we asked jet card sellers to tell you in less than 300 words why you should choose their company. 

By Nicholas Correnti, CEO, Nicholas Air:

“At the heart of the Nicholas Air program is a top to bottom commitment to taking care of our members and adding a touch of Southern Hospitality in everything we do. From beginning to end, it is about tailoring a program for your needs, showcasing our five aircraft types, and ensuring that every experience is flawless and keeps you longing for the next flight.”

Nicholas Air Executive Overview

When was Nicholas Air founded?

Who owns Nicholas Air?

Who is the CEO of Nicholas Air?
Nicholas Correnti

How are Nicholas Air aircraft sourced?

What are Nicholas Air’s initiation and membership fees?

What is Nicholas Air’s entry-level program?
Blue Card – 15 hours

Does Nicholas Air provide guaranteed availability?

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?
Yes – 10 hours standard days / 48 hours peak days

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?
Yes, based on request

What is the company website?

Where is Nicholas Air’s headquarters?
Oxford, MS

Nicholas Air News

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