Bombardier Challenger 300

Bombardier Challenger 300 profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, and jet card options.

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is a super-midsize private jet designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.

Its nonstop transcontinental range is popular with several of the largest U.S. fleet operators, including NetJets, Flexjet, Vista Global’s XOJet, and Nicholas Air.

The Challenger 300 was followed by the Challenger 350 and now the Challenger 3500.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start:


Production Ends:


Cabin Category

Super Midsize Cabin

Cabin Size & Passengers


6.08 Feet


7.17 Feet


23.7 Feet

Seating Capacity

Up to 9


3,065 nautical miles


High-Speed Cruise:

Mach 459

Long-Range Cruise:

Mach 459

Max Operating Speed:

Mach 470

Baggage Space

106 cubic feet


Fractional Ownership:


Dedicated Jet Card:



A new Bombardier Challenger 300 is listed at $21 million

What is the Bombardier Challenger 300?

Development of the Challenger 300 began in the late 1990s, to create a new super-midsize private jet that would offer exceptional range, speed, and comfort. The prototype flew in August 2001, and it was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in January 2004.

Business Jet Traveler reports on the Challenger 300’s history, “During the 1990s, business jet manufacturers invented a new product category: the super-midsize. The idea was to provide near large-cabin comfort with midsize operating efficiencies. Over the ensuing years, the manufacturers employed various strategies in pursuit of this market niche: Dassault shortened a trijet Falcon 900 cabin and morphed it into a twinjet called the 2000, but to be fair, that is still really a large-cabin jet, albeit with super-midsize economics. Meanwhile, Cessna extended its popular Citation Excel medium-class fuselage and gave it new wings, avionics, and engines, naming the finished product Sovereign, but calling this airplane a super-mid is a bit of, er, a stretch. Of this triad, only Bombardier’s Challenger 300 delivered on its promise, combining passenger comfort, performance, reliability, and good operating economics.”

In 2014, Bombardier Aerospace introduced an upgraded version of the Challenger 300, known as the Challenger 350.

What are the cabin dimensions of the Bombardier Challenger 300?

The Challenger 300 cabin is 6.08 feet high, 7.17 feet wide, and 23.7 feet long. Typical configurations include eight to nine passengers, with a three-seat divan replacing two club seats in the rear. The lavatory is located at the rear of the cabin.


What is the range of a Bombardier Challenger 300?

The Challenger 300 is powered by two Honeywell HTF7000 turbofan engines, which provide a maximum cruise speed of 528 knots (607 mph) and a range of up to 3,100 nautical miles (3,569 miles). It has a maximum takeoff weight of 38,850 pounds and a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

How much does a Bombardier Challenger 300 cost?

When in production, a new Challenger 300 sold for $21 million. Used types start at around $12.5 million.

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Bombardier Challenger 300 reviews

Why Is the Challenger 300 So Dominant? The cabin on this Challenger is exceptional. It has a very large volume (860 cu ft) and a flat floor that can seat ten passengers. Seating arrangements include a side-facing divan and the cabin can easily accommodate two club-seating arrangements (four seats in each). The cabin height is over six feet high and seven feet wide. The baggage volume at 106 cu ft, can handle up to 66 standard carry-on bags.

Kevin O'Leary

Jet Advisors

When it comes to power, performance and comfort in a used super-midsize, Bombardier’s Challenger 300 stands alone.

Mark Huber

Business Jet Traveler

Two decades after its maiden voyage, the Challenger 300 has maintained its place as one of the most comfortable, economical, and reliable business jets on the market. The enduring appeal of Bombardier’s super-midsize aircraft is its combination of style and practicality and its balance of luxury and economy.

Greg Sahr

Elliot Jets

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