European very light jet jet operator GlobeAir will make a decision this Fall to replace its fleet of 25 Cessna Citation Mustangs

GlobeAir will decide later this year on a replacement for its current fleet of 25 Cessna Citation Mustangs.

The European floating fleet operator is evaluating the Citation M2 Gen2 and the HondaJet, according to CEO Bernhard Fragner.

The choices will enable GlobeAir to expand seating capacity. The M2 has six seats, plus belted lav, while the HondaJet has five seats, plus belted lavatory.

The current Mustang fleet has four seats. “Sometimes there are the two parents, two kids, and a nanny. This will really allow us to address a broader market” says Fragner.

In separate news, GlobeAir has yet to implement a fuel surcharge, however, it did raise hourly rates 20% earlier this year.

The company is also focusing on expanding its inclusive travel services. Since 2019, it has expanded its team of in-house travel planners from one to five persons.

It recently launched promotions for VIP itineraries to Ireland and Disneyland Paris. It also added two Mustangs last summer.

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