offers free hour with 20-hour jet card

By Doug Gollan, June 17, 2022

After promoting a 10-hour jet card, is now offering a free hour with the purchase of a 20-hour jet card through July 4th

While demand for private jets may still be at record levels, is offering another promotion.

This time the New York-based jet card seller is offering a free hour when you buy 20 hours.

The guaranteed availability jet cards include de-icing and there is no taxi time charged. Funds don’t expire, either.

Rates start at $169,000, including 7.5% FET for the 21 hours of flight time on a light jet. Midsize cards are $199,000, including tax, while super midsize aircraft are $229,000. Large cabin jets are $289,000, including tax.

Jets has a hybrid program. Mainly a broker, it also owns charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center, which provides lift for jet card clients. There are currently 12 aircraft in the fleet with a 13th coming this summer.

There is currently a 10-hour card promotion valid through the end of the month.

Normally cards start at 25 hours.

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