Jet Token expands jet card with Cirrus Aviation

By Doug Gollan, June 30, 2022

HondaJet fractional and jet card provider Jet Token is launching a jet card program with Las Vegas-based charter operator Cirrus Aviation

Jet Token is moving beyond its HondaJet fractional and jet card program.

It is tapping Las Vegas-based Argus Platinum charter operator Cirrus Aviation, which already flies its HondaJet fleet. Cirrus doesn’t offer its own jet card. It is not connected to the manufacturer of the Vision Jet Cirrus Aircraft.

A new jet card

The new Jet Token program will offer fixed-hourly rates for flights departing or arriving from Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah.

The primary service area includes the Continental U.S., Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Bahamas.

It will utilize the Cirrus fleet of 30 aircraft across all size categories. Half don’t need owner approval, which is key since the new program, JT Connect will be as available.

As available means that if there is an aircraft available, you get it at the fixed hourly rate.

Jet Edge launched its Reserve program last year on a similar basis and was able to generate over $100 million in sales after several months.

The move to as available comes as the industry still grapples with not enough supply.

Call-outs for JT Connect range from 72-to-336 hours based on zones.

Zone 1, which is 72 hours, is for flights within Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. Zone 2, which goes East to Texas up to the Dakotas is 120 hours. All other destinations are 336 hours.

The program is also refundable up to 90% of the remaining funds.

“The days of reliable, guaranteed availability is just a big story. It would be great to offer guaranteed availability. We’d rather say to customers these call-outs are where you can calibrate your expectations. If we don’t deliver, take your money back. I think guaranteed refundability is the important part,” Jet Token Chairman Mike Winston tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Jet Toke JT Connect jet card

There are actually three programs.

Jet Connect Fast enables you to buy in at a specific aircraft category. Freedom requires a $400,000 deposit and allows you to request light, mid, super-midsize, or large-cabin jets. Connect Direct is a $750,000 deposit and enables access to ultra-long-haul private jets in addition to the four other categories.

Light jet rates are $8,500 per hour, plus fuel and FET. Daily minimums vary by category, with light jets at 60 minutes, plus taxi time. Full details are available to paid subscribers.

There is currently no escrow account, however, Winston says there will be a segregated account. This means deposits will be kept separate from operating funds.

Jet Token launched its HondaJet program last year and is expecting delivery of its second and third VLJs this summer. Its HondaJet jet card and program offer guaranteed availability.

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