JSX adds Phoenix-San Diego by-the-seat private flights

By Doug Gollan, July 6, 2022

By-the-seat JSX enables customers to bypass commercial airline terminals and arrive 20 minutes before departure using private facilities

JSX is launching a twice-daily nonstop service between Phoenix (PHX) to San Diego (SAN) beginning August 18, 2022. Introductory fares start from $179 one-way and enable travelers to bypass congested airline terminals at both ends.

At the same time, JSX will add an extra daily flight between Phoenix and Burbank (BUR).

JSX uses regional jets converted to have 30 seats instead of 36, so more space.

However, the key benefit is you fly from private terminals and can arrive up to 20 minutes before departure.

At a time when airlines have been canceling record numbers of flights, JSX says it has an industry-leading completion rate of 99.5%.

“As travel demand continues to shatter pre-pandemic records, we are pleased to add a nonstop route between Phoenix and San Diego, and expanded frequency between Phoenix and Burbank for travelers this summer,” says JSX CEO Alex Wilcox.

A co-founder of JetBlue, Wilcox adds, “We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with readily accessible hassle-free flights that quickly get them out of the airport and into the action with no dwell time.”

Phoenix joins Las Vegas as the air carrier’s second route from San Diego. From Phoenix, it serves Oakland and Burbank.

JSX is also pet-friendly.

Small dogs and cats fly free of charge as long as the pet is comfortably stowed in an FAA-approved pet carrier underneath the seat in front of the owner. Most dogs up to 65 pounds can fly in-cabin by purchasing an adjacent seat.

Included in the ticket price is two checked bags – including golf bags, skis, and snowboards. Drinks, snacks, and cocktails inflight are complimentary.

JSX recently said it would add high-speed WiFi via SpaceX.

JSX is included in our By-the-seat and Jet Sharing Guide available to paid subscribers.

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