Fast-growing FlyExclusive is promoting its vertical integration by offering paint-work customers access to Jet Club rates

FlyExclusive is leveraging its MRO services in a new promotion.

Customers of its paint-work services can access its fleet at Jet Club rates while their airplane is in the shop.

Jet Club provides members fixed one-way pricing with guaranteed availability.

Fly uses the facility to paint its own fleet, but it announced it would expand to accept third-party customers last year.

In an email announcing the move, FlyExclusive Founder and CEO Jim Segrave wrote, “At FlyExclusive’s state-of-the-art facility in Kinston, North Carolina, you can have your aircraft painted by our industry-leading professionals, and now through the New Year, these maintenance services come with an added bonus: immediate access to the flyExclusive light-, mid-, and super mid-, jet fleet while your aircraft is serviced.”

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