Paramount Business Jets expands jet card offering

By Doug Gollan, September 13, 2022

Jet card broker Paramount Business Jets has added new tiers to its wholesale plus pricing private jet charter membership

Paramount Business Jets is expanding its wholesale plus pricing jet card membership options.

The Leesburg, Virginia-based charter broker has upped the minimum deposit from $50,000 to $100,000.

It also now offers three levels with varying markups.

The more you deposit, the lower the markup.

The Emerald tier on The Paramount Jet Card is entry-level. Flights are priced at wholesale plus a 16% markup or $1,600, whichever is greater.

The Gold Tier entails a $250,000 deposit, and wholesale markup is 14% or $1,400 on the same basis. Members also receive $250 in concierge credits when using super midsize and large cabin jets.

At the top Platinum level, members who deposit $500,000 get wholesale pricing marked up by 12% or $1,200, whichever is more. They also get $500 concierge credits on super midsize and large private jets.

Concierge credits can be applied to car rentals, catering, and other services.

Deposits are refundable, and the dynamic pricing model enables you to specify aircraft models, ages, and configurations.

“The Paramount Jet Card provides each client with a curated, full-service private jet experience,” says Founder and CEO Richard Zaher.

He adds, “With funds already on account, clients may charter an aircraft through their smartphone and complete the entire booking process via simple email confirmation.”

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