Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 36

By Doug Gollan, September 15, 2022

Everything was bigger last week as U.S. private jet flight activity surged 12% week-to-week, powered by a 14% gain in Texas

After several down weeks, global private jet flight activity jumped 8% week-to-week to 72,651 flights.

That’s 7% higher than Week 36 in 2021 and closer to the 52-week high – 78,406 flights in a week – than the low of 59,546.

Worldwide private jet flights are 2% up on last year’s record-breaking levels over the past four weeks, according to the WingX data.

“So far this month, we have seen a modest correction in the downward trend in flights in 2022 compared to 2021,” says Richard Koe, Managing Director of WingX.

U.S. private jet flights jump 12%

The U.S. saw a big boost week-to-week through Sept. 11, 2022, with 50,004 private jet flights, up 12%.

That was 10% higher than 2021 and between the 52-week high of 57,147 flights and low of 42,240.

For the past four weeks, the U.S. saw 190,790 private jet segments, 4% better than 2021.

Everything was bigger in Texas, where private jet flights were up 14% week-to-week with 5,074 segments, surpassing Florida and California.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 36

MarketWeek 36%Change vs. prior week%Change vs. 202152-week highWeek52-week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)%Change vs. 2021
Global72,6518%7%78,406W25 202259,546W02 2022281,0072%
North America54,05812%10%62,572W14 202246,656W27 2022207,2954%
USA50,00412%10%57,147W14 202242,240W27 2022190,7904%
Florida4,5737%4%10,600W8 20224,297W32 202217,7095%
California4,89811%4%6,391W7 20224,211W27 202219,305-1%
Texas5,07414%16%6,176W10 20223,850W27 202218,4397%
Europe14,296-2%-7%17,559W26 20227,583W52 202156,626-7%
UK1,889-10%3%2,334W26 2022894W52 20217,4369%
Germany1,59612%-10%1,913W26 2022704W52 20215,732-10%
France2,1652%-11%3,028W21 20221,045W52 20218,296-10%
Switzerland8730.1%-8%1,209W21 2022637W48 20213,352-11%
Italy1,7820.2%-2%2,352W28 2022456W1 20226,787-8%
Middle East1,410-1%19%1,577W34 2022918W4 20225,93615%
Africa7091%3%857W19 2022495W52 20212,8712%
Asia1,8937%21%2,286W12 20221,492W37 20217,46322%
South America1,1766%14%1,433W50 2021844W52 20214,64911%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Global private jet charter and fractional flight activity for the week was up 9% week-to-week with 36,149 flights, still 1% off of 2021’s fiery pace.

For the trailing month, fractional and charter flights worldwide are down 6% from last year.

U.S. charter and fractional flights accounted for 25,300 segments, 15% up from Week 35 and 1% above 2021.

Over the past month, segments are 5% below last year.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 36

Market (Part 91K & Part135)Week 36%Change vs. prior week%Change vs 202152-week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)%Change vs. 2021
Global36,1499%-1%39,663W41 202129,588W02 2022139,630-6%
North America25,96616%2%31,369W8 202222,461W35 202298,313-5%
USA25,30015%1%29,890W8 202221,909W35 202295,678-5%
Florida2,44414%-2%6,065W52 20212,150W35 20229,178-3%
California3,07412%1%3,970W7 20222,686W27 202212,075-6%
Texas2,03315%6%2,671W10 20221,625W27 20227,325-3%
Europe9,775-5%-9%12,441W27 20225,530W52 202139,714-10%
UK1,318-14%-2%1,681W26 2022685W2 20225,3004%
Germany1,06512%-9%1,241W26 2022508W52 20213,867-9%
France1,4980.5%-11%2,233W21 2022703W2 20225,886-13%
Switzerland626-1%-8%819W21 2022427W17 20222,468-12%
Italy1,336-1%-3%1,802W28 2022336W1 20225,149-12%
Middle East633-15%16%882W34 2022319W3 20223,03220%
Africa13127%0%180W13 202292W5 2022462-9%
Asia237-8%43%309W43 2021151W37 20211,02742%
South America3124%94%35W50 20217W38 20218745%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

In Europe, fractional and charter flights were down 5% for the week, falling to 9% below 2021 levels for Week 36.

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