Alliance cuts light jet minimums, adds turboprops, promises fewer peak days

By Doug Gollan, October 20, 2022

In another sign of normalization, Fly Alliance is cutting daily minimums on light jets and says 2023 will have fewer peak days

Orlando-based FlyAlliance is the latest example that the jet card market could be normalizing after 15 months of chaos for flyers.

The 18th-largest charter/fractional operator in 2021, according to Argus TraqPak, is cutting daily minimums on light jets from 120 to 90 minutes.

As demand reached record levels last year, Fly Alliance increased those minimums.

At the same time, it adds fixed-rate, guaranteed availability turboprops to its jet card program.

Earlier this week, the operator announced an order for up to 20 new jets from Textron Aviation.

In other good news, President Christopher Tasca promises a reduction of around 30% to peak days.

Last year it increased peak days from 23 dates to 92 days. Across the industry, jet card sellers more than doubled the number of peak days over the past 18 months.

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