While jet card programs have become more restrictive over the past 18 months, for flyers who need shorter lead times to book, there are still options

Yes, jet card memberships are more restrictive. For a decade, a multitude of jet cards gave the option to book flights with fixed rates and guaranteed availability 24 hours – or less – before departure. That’s changed. However, there are still options.

The good news is there are options in both the U.S. and Europe.

However, you won’t see callouts of 10 or 8 hours, as we did pre-Covid.

Jet Card Programs With Non-Peak Callouts – 24 hours or less

Blackout and/or
Peak Days
Alliance AviationContinental U.S.24 hours57 daysNo
FlyExclusiveContinental U.S.2490Yes
Global AirEurope240No
Jet TokenWestern U.S.2431No
JetSet GroupContinental U.S.2470No
Magellan JetsContinental U.S.2443Yes
NetJetsContinental U.S.
and Europe
VistaJetContinental U.S./
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons, Dec. 2022 V95

Of note, both FlyExclusive and Magellan provide 24-hour booking windows. However, they charge a premium.

For NetJets, in the U.S., it requires a 25-hour lease for a minimum of three years in duration. Their current U.S. card program is 48 hours, non-peak.

And speaking of peak days, we also included the current number of peak days for each provider.

In total, there are ten options (see chart above).

Full details are available in the spreadsheet in the Paid Subscribers section.

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