While most of us are taking time off, many private aviation professionals are hard at work making sure we get where we are going

First of all, happy holidays and seasons greetings to all readers of this website. And now a special thank you to all the professionals in private aviation who are working through the holidays and keeping their cell phones on.

Like the greater travel and tourism industry, while most of us take time off, the front-line folks are working, ensuring we can get where we are going, stay in comfort, and can always grab a bite to eat.

In business aviation, that means if you are a pilot, you are on the road. For FBO staff, that means a holiday out on the ramp and in the terminal, making sure things flow smoothly.

And back in the office, that means overseeing operations against the vagaries of weather, air traffic control, mechanicals, and everything else that can throw a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans.

And for those salespeople and management who keep their cell phones on and check your emails for customers in need, you are a good reminder of what it means to be in a service industry.

Happy holidays and thank you for making private aviation a great industry to be part of.

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