Piaggio flight provider AeroVanti is officially following up on its plans to expand into yachting with three yachts as part of its extended aviation and marine club

AeroVanti yesterday officially announced the launch of AeroVanti Yacht Club.

The marine add-on offers members “a luxury yachting experience unlike anything available today” through a “unique membership structure, combining the affluence and comfort of yachting with the incredible value and convenience unique” tO members.

Charters begin March 31, 2023.

Headquartered in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area, AeroVanti Yacht Club features several vessels.

Casino Royale is a 108-foot Sunseeker Predator that combines “the opulence of a Mediterranean luxury charter with a dash of Hollywood charm.”

The yacht was featured in the 2006 James Bond movie, Casino Royale, appearing as the floating lair of the villain.

Permit is a 50-foot Buddy Davis sportfishing featuring the fighting chair from the fishing boat The Hooker and is ideal for fishing tournaments.

En Garde is a 50-foot Cookson sailboat that sails competitively for the AeroVanti Sailing Team and is also available for charter.

AeroVanti Founder and CEO Patrick Britton-Harr says, “The incredible growth we’ve experienced in the year and a half since launching demonstrates that people are hungry for these exclusive travel experiences. Now, we’ve set out to completely redefine the modern yacht club – with three of the most memorable vessels at sea – just like we did with private aviation.”

Since launching in July 2021, AeroVanti has experienced 400% growth, according to the company.

It claims fundraising rounds of more than $100 million.

More recently, it announced exclusive private aviation partnerships with the University of Maryland, the University of Central Florida, and the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

AeroVanti was named one of several dozen startups to watch by both the Baltimore Business Journal and the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

The aviation portion of its proposition was initially flagged by a split with its original flight provider.

It also retrenched from its original plan to outsource most services, buying a Part 135 operator and hiring customer support staff.

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