Charter and fractional operators continue to trail 2022’s numbers, according to the latest private jet flight activity reports from WingX

With 62,665 departures, global private jet flight activity in Week 3 increased 4% from Week 2 of 2023, putting it 4% ahead of the same period in 2022.

Looking at the trailing four weeks, activity was 1% ahead of the same levels year-over-year.

U.S. private jet flights increase week-to-week

In the U.S., 44,556 flights were up 2% from the week ending January 22, 2023, and 3% ahead of 2022’s buoyant levels.

That said, they still were 1% below the trailing four weeks year-over-year.

Europe saw a 14% week-to-week jump with 8,792 flights, 2% behind 2022’s numbers.

Asia’s rebound continued to show legs despite just a 2% week-to-week increase. WingX figures show a 44% spike compared to Week 3 last year, with departures up 34% for the trailing four weeks.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 3

MarketWeek 3%Change vs. prior week%Change vs. 202252-week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)%Change vs. 2022
Global62,6654%4%78,503W25 202257,233W51 2022255,5981%
North America49,0772%4%62,573W14 202243,691W51 2022205,5470%
USA44,5562%3%57,147W14 202238,832W51 2022184,107-1%
Florida7,2977%-4%10,603W8 20223,744W39 202232,030-6%
California4,337-9%-6%6,392W7 20224,066W51 202218,560-3%
Texas4,7783%2%6,176W10 20223,850W27 202218,9071%
Europe8,79214%-2%17,608W26 20226,648W52 202230,651-9%
UK1,12611%1%2,336W26 2022982W52 20224,2796%
Germany1,19724%10%1,915W26 2022651W52 20223,567-5%
France1,2611%-6%3,032W21 20221,011W52 20224,650-5%
Switzerland1,03949%44%1,209W21 2022549W47 20223,1781%
Italy6679%12%2,357W28 2022511W52 20222,32012%
Middle East1,2314%24%2,173W50 2022926W4 20224,6118%
Africa6596%-6%876W19 2022622W2 20232,76817%
Asia2,4282%44%3,269W50 20221,720W3 20229,40034%
South America1,205-8%14%1,490W50 20221006W29 20225,32634%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners

Worldwide charter and fractional operators saw a 5% week-to-week increase with 30,991 departures.

That was still 3% down compared to last year for Week 3.

For the trailing four weeks, flight activity was 7% down.

In the U.S., which accounted for 24,313 of the week’s charter and fractional flights, those totals were 2% off 2022.

For the trailing four weeks, flights were down 6%.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 3

Market (Part 91K & Part135)Week 3%Change
vs. prior week
%Change vs 202252-week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)%Change vs. 2022
Global30,9915%-3%41,811W8 202231,174W51 2022132,216-7%
North America24,3134%-1%32,702W8 202222,967W35 2022107,074-5%
USA22,7273%-2%30,705W8 202221,948W35 202298,785-6%
Florida4,0268%-9%6,109W8 20222,024W39 202218,556-10%
California2,702-7%-8%4,095W7 20222,635W51 202211,727-6%
Texas1,923-2%-3%2,734W10 20221,644W27 20228,1100%
Europe5,87811%-11%12,962W27 20224,995W52 202221,708-16%
UK7806%-9%1,772W26 2022735W2 20233,167-1%
Germany77116%2%1,295W25 2022516W52 20222,513-10%
France8060.2%-16%2,401W21 2022764W52 20223,183-12%
Switzerland69033%23%868W21 2022415W47 20222,361-9%
Italy5028%6%1,855W28 2022389W52 20221,7596%
Middle East60412%15%1,075W50 2022481W4 20222,242-6%
Africa184-4%-31%321W13 2022160W35 2022904-5%
Asia5687%33%1015W50 2022365W4 20222,2679%
South America35-24%-26%83W45 202213W24 20222087%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners

The 5,878 European charter and fractional flights last week were 11% down year-over-year. There was a 16% drop year-over-year during the past month.

Likewise, Asia continued to see growth.

Its charter and fractional flights were up 7% week-to-week, putting them 33% ahead of Week 3 in 2022.

Alas, these are small numbers with just 568 departures.

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