Turkish private jet provider says it is expanding with $250 million investment

By Doug Gollan, February 2, 2023

JetPartner Corporation’s FlyJPC is promising free empty-leg flights and says it plans to expand in the United States, Canada, the UK, and the UAE

A company affiliated with Istanbul-based Aviator Havacılık A.Ş. is marketing itself under FlyJPC, and JetPartner Corporation is making big promises.

According to a press release, “FlyJPC investor Jetpartner Corporation plans to increase its flight network primarily in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, with a total capital investment of $250 million in 2023, with the aim of expanding its private jet aircraft fleet.”

The release continues, “FlyJPC, which currently has more than 200 private jet networks, will increase the number of private jet aircraft of the Challenger 300/350 and Challenger 600 type in the next six months, to a total of 18.”


Its U.S. FlyJPC.com website doesn’t have the required disclosure information for private jet charter brokers.

It does have a New York City address, although a review of New York State registered companies failed to turn up any further information.

The LinkedIn company page for FlyJPC lists the company as having between two and 10 employees. However, the only employee listed on LinkedIn is Osman Arikan, whose profile shows him as Pilot/CEO.

According to the LinkedIn profile, FlyJPC was founded in 2018.

Aviator Havacılık, where Arikan is also listed as CEO, was founded in 2014.

Osman Arikan

Its profile also shows two to 10 employees and lists three employees.

The website for the Istanbul company reads, “Fly to the whole world with a unique comfort and privilege from our Istanbul/Turkey-based company, with the Challenger 350 Private Jet and Agusta AW139 helicopter, wherever you want, whenever you want!”

FlyJPC’s website claims over 1,500 members, more than 5,000 flights, and over 200 aircraft.

FlyJPC jet cards and membership

JPC Privilege Membership is priced at $8,900.

It offers “you can fly on scheduled empty leg flights for free.”

You also get up to 20% off charter bookings.

It’s not clear (at least to me), but there is apparently a JPCard for $2,900. A combination, which appears to be a Visa card, for $9,500.

The fees are annual.

Arikan responded to our inquiry via email, writing, “Jetpartner Corporation has primarily been providing private jet financing since 2018. Our priority customers are the US, UK, Turkey, and Qatar. With FlyJPC, we started to manage our customer’s planes with a global charter rental network.”

He added, “In addition, with JPCard, Fly Now Pay Later, and JPC Premium Membership allows (members to) fly free on empty leg flights, discount charter flights, etc.”

Asked about the number of empty legs, he expects around 100 each in the U.S., Europe, and Middle East.

Its website showed four U.S. empty legs in early January. A Los Angeles-New York empty leg on Feb. 12 shows one free seat.

In terms of the $250 million funding and growth, Arikan says, “We are currently working on a targeted 15-to-18 private jets to create our own fleet by the end of this year. The source of investment is our own equity, shareholders, and individual investors. This investment is for operation in the United States.”

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