Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 5

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 5. Texas sees an epic 25% week-to-week drop as worldwide private jet flight activity stayed 1% below last year’s record pace.

By Doug Gollan, February 9, 2023

Texas sees an epic 25% week-to-week drop as worldwide private jet flight activity stayed 1% below last year’s record pace

Global private jet flight activity dipped 5% from the previous week in Week 5, with 60,719 flights, still 1% above the same period in 2022.

For the trailing four weeks, flights worldwide were 1% above the same period a year ago.

Private jet flights in the U.S. dipped 6% from the previous week, with 42,773 departures, 4% behind 2022.

Over the last four weeks, U.S. departures are 1% down year-over-year.

A Texas-size drop

Texas saw a big drop with a 25% week-to-week decline, 11% down from a year ago.

Europe private jet flying saw another dip, with 8,174 flights, down 8% from Week 4 and 11% behind last year.

Over the previous four weeks, Europe flying is 8% behind 2022.

While Asia, with 2,529 flights, was down 2% week-to-week, it was still 43% ahead of 2022. For the past four weeks, ending February 2, 2023, departures in Asia were 43% ahead of 2022.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 5

MarketWeek 5%Change vs. prior week%Change vs. 2022 (dates)52-week highWeek52-week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks %Change vs. 2022
Global60,719-5%-1%78,503W25 202257,233W51 2022247,7651%
North America47,343-5%-1%62,573W14 202243,691W51 2022194,3190%
USA42,773-6%-4%57,147W14 202238,832W51 2022176,710-1%
Florida6,744-10%-9%10,603W8 20223,744W39 202228,538-6%
California4,441-3%-12%6,392W7 20224,066W51 202218,266-4%
Texas3,730-25%-11%6,176W10 20223,730W5 202318,180-1%
Europe8,174-8%-11%17,608W26 20226,648W52 202233,523-8%
UK1,1434%-2%2,336W26 2022982W52 20224,391-2%
Germany1,083-15%-11%1,915W26 2022651W52 20224,520-2%
France1,243-16%-10%3,032W21 20221,011W52 20225,220-4%
Switzerland720-9%-6%1,209W21 2022549W47 20223,2495%
Italy614-9%-5%2,357W28 2022511W52 20222,5645%
Middle East1,2310%14%2,173W50 2022984W52 20224,87716%
Africa8269%19%876W19 2022622W2 20232,8697%
Asia2,529-2%42%3,269W50 20221,786W32 20229,92043%
South America1,2772%14%1,490W50 20221006W29 20225,04419%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners

Charter and fractional operators flew 4% fewer flights than the previous week, with 30,067 departures.

That’s 10% off 2022’s record demand.

Over the trailing month, charter and fractional departures dropped 7% year-over-year.

U.S. charter and fractional operators saw 22,020 flights in Week 5, a 3% drop week-to-week and 8% below 2022.

Over the past month, the U.S. was 6% below the previous year.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 5

Market (Part 91K, Part135)Week 5%Change vs. prior wk%Change vs. 202252-week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)%Change vs. 2022
Global30,067-4%-10%41,811W8 202231,174W51 2022121,744-7%
North America23,643-3%-7%32,702W8 202222,967W35 202295,671-5%
USA22,020-3%-8%30,705W8 202221,948W35 202289,429-6%
Florida3,880-3%-12%6,109W8 20222,024W39 202215,669-12%
California2,727-2%-16%4,095W7 20222,635W51 202211,121-8%
Texas1,606-16%-15%2,734W10 20221,644W27 20227,404-4%
Europe5,587-8%-19%12,962W27 20224,995W52 202222,848-16%
UK8228%-9%1,772W26 2022735W2 20233,101-10%
Germany706-18%-19%1,295W25 2022516W52 20223,009-9%
France852-17%-15%2,401W21 2022764W52 20223,493-10%
Switzerland513-10%-18%868W21 2022415W47 20222,290-8%
Italy478-6%-4%1,855W28 2022389W52 20221,9542%
Middle East559-2%-12%1,075W50 2022512W52 20222,270-1%
Africa23028%-2%321W13 2022160W35 2022786-23%
Asia560-6%20%1,015W50 2022407W30 20222,25724%
South America3020%-51%83W45 202213W24 2022136-35%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners

While Asia fractional and charter activity was up 20% compared to last year, the 560 departures in Week 5 represented a 6% drop.

WingX Managing Director says, “The next couple of months could be the first time since 2019 when year-on-year trends start to normalize, with the modest growth so far this year compared to 2022 largely flattered by the Omicron surge at the start of last year. The trends are not encouraging in Europe, where the charter market is now seeing double-digit drops. The U.S. market is still more or less holding its own, with geographical variability.”

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